Please Help Us Free Our Dad


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A Little Bit About Our Family

We grew up in a small rural town between Beaumont, TX and the Louisiana State line.  Our family was certainly not from Leave it to Beaver, but it was a good life.  Our dad loved us unconditionally and he took care of us.  As you can see in the photograph, there are four of us.  L to R...Jordan Dane who is now 19, Jerrica Denise, 25, John Douglas III, 32, and Jarrett Dalton, 20.  Jordan was 9 years old when our dad was sent away to Prison for aggravated sexual assault of a minor.  You can read the story, with all the details, that is soon to follow.  There are 5 grandchildren.  Our dad has held the two oldest children and never even seen the three youngest (other than photographs), because we aren't allowed to bring them up to visit him...even in a regular visit with the glass wall.

Our grandmother (shown in the thumbnail photos below) passed away on February 24, 2012 at her home.  She died waiting for the justice system, who had grossly failed our family, to come to light and truth.  Our dad wasn't allowed to come home to attend his own mothers funeral service.  He said goodbye through photographs that were taken of her funeral and sent to him.  The photo on the far left below, is our dad with little Jordan and the photo next to it is a current photo of Dad with "little" Jordan.


There is a donation link below for anyone who would like to help us out with our dad's expenses, legal and daily.  Any and all donations will be used for legal help and his day to day living expenses.   Contrary to what people believe, inmates are not fed four square meals, and they are not furnished with toiletries and hygiene items.  They must purchase their own things and in order to write home they must purchase their stationary and stamps from the prison system.  Families can not send them stationary and postage.  Phone calls home are quite expensive, as well.


Our Goal

We are seeking help in freeing our dad.  He has unsuccessfully exhausted all of his appeal attempts with jailhouse "lawyer" assistance because there was no funding for the exhausting amount of money it would take to hire an impartial (out of area) criminal appeals attorney.  This case is quite interesting in nature and, we feel, that with media attention and the truth being told, we can get the help he needs.